Intended Parent FAQ

Intended Parent FAQ

When was Fertility Bridges founded?



Where is Fertility Bridges located?

Fertility Bridges has an office in the United States in Chicago and one International office. We are not constrained by our physical locations since our Egg Donor and Surrogate Databases are online and available to clients all over the world.



Where are Fertility Bridges’ clients located?

We have clients in almost every State in the United States and International, including: Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Venezuela, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Tokyo, and India.


How may clients does Fertility Bridges have?

We have thousands of Intended Parents who registered for access to our online service and to view our Egg Donor and Surrogate Databases over the last several years. In our Database we have over 350 College Educated Donors residing in 42 of the U.S. States, and over 100 Gestational Surrogates from across the U.S.


How many IVF clinics has Fertility Bridges worked with?

Fertility Bridges has worked with 100+ IVF clinics in the United States and Internationally. See list of IVF Clinics in our About Us Section.


What is Fertility Bridges’ refund policy?

Fertility Bridges fees are refundable under certain circumstances. Speak with your match coordinator about the details.


Does Fertility Bridges verify Egg Donor or Surrogate profile information?

No, profile information is self posted and we do not verify any claims by a Donor or Surrogate. Your Attorney or Third Party Coordinator should be able to verify all claims, background, medical history, education history, etc.


What if my Egg Donor or Surrogate changes her mind?

If your Egg Donor or Surrogate changes her mind and does not complete their fertility cycle, your funds may be applied to a new Egg Donor (not a repeat donor) or Surrogate in our database. You may exercise this option two times.


What if my Egg Donor cycle outcome is poor?

Cycle success is a result of a multitude of factors including your IVF doctor’s experience, the ability of the embryologist, sperm factors (such as sperm fragmentation), and other issues not related to your Egg Donor. You should consider all these if your cycle is not a success.


What if my cycle coordination has problems?

If you do not choose Fertility Bridges for cycle coordination, we can not assist if your cycle coordination is going poorly nor guarantee the service of any third party coordinators who may be managing your cycle. Typically Intended Parents are happiest with their cycle coordination when they take the time to learn about egg donation from their doctor, then take the reigns of organization and direct all the various parties on what their duties and timetables are. Sometimes that means following up with all parties participating in the cycle on a daily basis. It is also critical to read and understand all the terms of agreement in your legal contract with any Third Party you may employ.


What if I am not happy with my IVF clinic?

Not all IVF clinics are adept at handling third party reproduction. Some are much better than others who may have limited or no experience. If you feel your clinic is not capable, you might consider switching to a more experienced clinic. Email us at if you would like a list of clinics that our clients claim better experiences.


What do Fertility Bridges’ clients have to say about the Egg Donor Database?

Our clients over the last few years have consistently told us we have the best Egg Donor Database online.  Of course, that is a matter of opinion, however, it may be because all our Egg Donors claim a college education, appear to be quite healthy, and have greater availability than Donors in other databases. You can decide for yourself. We do value your feedback, so please Email us at and let us know what you think and how we can improve our service to meet your needs better.


What are Fertility Bridges Terms of Use for the Egg Donor Database I must agree to before using the service?

Read the Fertility Bridges Terms of Use.