Fees for Surrogacy

Fees for Surrogacy

Fertility Bridges Gestational Surrogacy Program Agency Fees:

Discounts and Payment Plans are Available

Program fees cover the match with a Gestational Carrier (rematching as needed), coordination with all parties (medical and legal), guidance and support during the entire process of the Surrogacy Journey.

There are no fees for access to the surrogate database or for GC interviews and video/phone meetings. Agency Fees are due in two payments, with the first installment due upon selecting a GC and then at the medical clearance by your medical provider. Payment plans are available. Discounts apply when both egg donor and gestational carrier services are needed.

Consulting Services Fee: $10,000 Non-Refundable

This fee applies to additional surrogates within the agreement timing until one is medically approved by the IVF doctor.

Fertility Bridges Surrogate Database Match Fee: $11,000 Refundable

If Recipients select a Surrogate from the Fertility Bridges Database that is approved by Recipients doctor, then an additional fee of $11,000 is due. This fee is refundable if the Surrogate is not able to begin an IVF cycle within 6 months or the agreed upon availability and cancels the cycle at any time. It is not refundable if the Recipients change their mind or cannot proceed so it is should not be paid unless the Recipients are 100% sure they are willing and capable of proceeding. It is not refundable after any embryos have been transferred. Applies to three transfers and additional transfers beyond three if the surrogate and doctor agree to more attempts at no additional fee.

What is the First Step Toward Surrogacy?

        Many parents worry that Surrogacy will be a complicated process but when working with an agency surrogacy is a matter of a few simple steps.

1)   Speak with a Surrogacy Coordinator to determine what qualities you would like in a surrogate and learn about the programs and options available, the detailed process of matching with a surrogate, the legal process, insurance, financial implications, and basic medical information. Prior to your consultation, you’ll complete a basic questionnaire and submit photographs that assist our team in tailoring the information to meet your needs

2)   Your Coordinator will put together some surrogate profiles for you to consider.

3)   Choose which surrogates you would like to speak with and your Coordinator will arrange for a conference call or video chat.

4)   After speaking with a surrogate and deciding to move forward, your Coordinator will send you your agreement with Fertility Bridges.

5)   Complete agency agreement

6)   Your Coordinator will arrange for your surrogate to be medically cleared by your IVF clinic and for her psychological screening.

7)   You and your surrogate will both be referred to reproductive attorneys in the state where your child will be born, and you will negotiate your contract.

8)   Medical Process. The process of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer is managed and completed at an IVF clinic. We work with many clinics across the United States and can offer guidance in selecting one or coordinate with your existing clinic if you have an established relationship. Your coordination team manages every step of the process with the clinic for your surrogate.

9)   Once the contract is signed and a copy is delivered to your IVF clinic, a date will be set for the embryo transfer and your surrogate will start medications.

10) After the transfer, there will be follow up bloodwork and ultrasounds to determine if the transfer was successful.