Fees for egg donation

Fees for egg donation

Please consult with a Fertility Bridges Match Coordinator about Agency Fees since they vary due to a multitude of factors, such as:

Our goal is to make egg donation affordable for as many families as possible. We have a philanthropic program for lower-income families and many Donors have only a $3,500 fee (well below the industry average of $7,000).

We are happy to send proven donor records to your doctor for preliminary review prior to any agency commitment. Fertility Bridges will organize an AMH blood test for requested First-time donors without fees or an agency agreement. AMH costs are only subject to real or actual lab fees, typically <$125. 

Fertility Bridges agency fee: $7,500, payment plans available

Fees cover the match with an Egg Donor (rematching as needed), coordination with all parties (medical and legal), guidance and support during the entire process of the Donor Journey. There are no fees for access to the donor database or for donor interviews and video/phone meetings. Agency Fees are due in two payments, with the first installment due upon selecting an egg donor and then at medical clearance by your medical provider. Payment plans are available.

Egg Donors separate fees: $3,500-$10,000

Additional Fees Charged by Other Companies 
(all costs are approximate and subject to change):


$800-$1,200: Legal Fees

Legal fees for your third-party reproductive legal agreement between you and your Donor. We have attorney referrals.


$250: Insurance

Donor medical insurance for the egg donor cycle obtained from a quality insurance company.


$3,000-$4,500+: Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are incurred for all Donors. If you take an active part in shopping for the best travel deals, this number may be reduced. Typically hotels for Donors average $125 a night, transportation is $75 a day, food per diem per day for Donor and her companion start at $75. Airfare can vary dramatically depending on if the flights have to be changed or booked last minute, which is often the case due to the unpredictability of how a donor will stimulate. Also, it would be thoughtful if you budgeted for a personal gift for your Donor after the retrieval that says thank you in a meaningful way since most Donors partake in this process because they are eager to help another family create life. Many IVF clinics want the Donor to come to the clinic twice. The first time for one day of screening and the second time for a week for the retrieval. Due to the fact out of town Donors can add considerable expense, it may be more cost efficient to find a Donor who lives near your fertility clinic or possibly even change clinics so you may be able to eliminate air travel or hotel expenses, though they would still incur some travel expenses.


We require Donors to stay a full 48 hours after the retrieval so they can visit the doctor for an exam the 24-30 hours after the retrieval to check her health. The IVF doctor is better able to treat any side effects and ensure the donor’s safety.


$1,000-$2,500: Monitoring Fee

Outside monitoring fees for non-local Donors paid to separate IVF clinic to perform lab work and ultrasounds of Donor during the stimulation process. Your doctor will give you a better estimate of all the medical costs involved.

Egg Donor Matching Process

Once Intended Parents have selected a Donor from the Fertility Bridges Egg Donor Database and paid the match fee, Fertility Bridges will provide the name and contact information of the Egg Donor to the Intended Parent’s IVF Doctor and attorney. IVF clinics require Intended Parents to hire an attorney who specializes in reproductive law to draft a legal contract between the Intended Parents and the Donor. Ask your doctor for a referral or we can provide a referral. After both the Intended Parents and Donor sign the legal agreement, the cycle coordination process can begin.



Egg Donor fees are separate from the Fertility Bridges match fees.

Our Database contains over 400 Donors, of which 75 of them have purposely kept their fees very affordable at $3,500 for those Intended Parents who may be financially challenged by egg donation.

The average fee for a first-time Donor is $6,000 and up to $10,000+ for a repeat Donor.

Keep in mind you must also cover all the Donor’s travel expenses if she travels out of town for your cycle. You could save on these fees if you find a Donor less than 2 hours driving distance to your clinic.


Philanthropy Program: If you are a lower income family or work for a non-profit, you may qualify for charitable discounts provided by our’s and other’s philanthropic organizations that serve fertility clients. Please inquire about the details.