Find an Egg Donor

Find an Egg Donor


All the Egg Donors in the Fertility Bridges Egg Donor Database are college educated, pursuing a degree, and possess beauty and intelligence.


Sign up for a passwordSign up for a password and view extended profiles, over 10,000 photos, and health questionnaires of our 450 high achievement Egg Donors. Register or login below to access the full Donor Database. Your password will be emailed to you. We do not send spam emails or unwelcome soliciting.

We have recently moved to a new database! Some profiles may still be updating. If you would like more information on a specific donor simply send your request to


Every one of the Fertility Bridges Donors is pursuing a college education or demonstrate a strong motivation to excel. Intended Parents/Recipients may request that a copy of their Donor’s college transcripts and other verifying information be sent to their attorney for an additional thirdparty review.

If you signed up to access the egg donor database prior to August 2019 you may still access the previous site here. We welcome you to register with our amazing new database above where you can take advantage of filter features to easily and effortlessly aid your search.

A word about the Egg Donors in our Database

We aim to fill our database with Egg Donors that possess health, beauty, grace, genuine hearts and intelligence. As an Intended Parent Recipient, it is important to consider all of an Egg Donor’s attributes. Intended Parents must proceed with guidance from a licensed medical professional who understands the risks and outcomes of egg donation. There is no guarantee that any Donor chosen by Intended Parents will provide the type of outcome desired, so it is important for Intended Parents discuss the potenital donor with their doctor.

We are happy to send proven/repeat donor records to your doctor for preliminary review prior to any agency commitments. Fertility Bridges will organize an AMH blood test for requested First-time donors without fees or an agency agreement. AMH costs only subject to real or actual lab fees, typically <$125.


Download an excel file here of the Egg Donor Database. In this file, there is one Donor headshot and a few details on each Donor. For full access of profiles, Intended Parents must still sign up for a password. This file is updated monthly while the full database is updated daily.

Fees for Egg Donation