Intended Mother
“I really appreciate your helpfulness throughout this otherwise stressful process. You truly stand out as the one person who has been in touch and available all along and never left me hanging.” -SG, worked with Dr. Fritz at UNC
Intended Father
“I highly recommend Fertility Bridges to anyone who needs to go this route.  I used Fertility Bridges on two occasions and was very happy with my choice.” -F, worked with Dr. Zouves at Zouves Fertility
Egg Donor
“Thank you for another great cycle with great results! You made our trip enjoyable and the accommodations were perfect! Thank you, thank you.” -Worked with Dr. Cain at Reproductive Specialists of NY
Gestational Surrogate
“Thank you so much for all of your support this far! Your support has helped make this a wonderful experience. My coordinator is always accessible, walks me through the process and has exceptional follow-up” -JM, worked with CCRM
Intended Parents
“Thank you so much for making this a smooth and enjoyable experience especially when the journey got a little bumpy. We are very appreciative for all you have done!” -BH, worked with Dr. Hoffman at IVF Florida
Egg Donor
“The customer service that Fertility Bridges provides makes you feel warm and welcome and I have no doubt in my mind that the intended parents are receiving the same wonderful treatment.” -N, worked with IVF Florida
Intended Father
“You were so friendly and accommodating to me during the entire process. I wouldn’t been able to get through it without your help and guidance.”  -R.J., worked with Dr. Schinfield at Abington Reproductive Medicine
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