Jean Brandon

Jean is the chief senior advisor to Fertility Bridges. She has an in depth background in health and wellness and spent many years working with women helping them improve their lives. She is passionate about educating families on the wide variety of fertility options available today. She has owned several businesses of her own and has a keen sense on how to help run an organization smoothly. She overcame her infertility with third party reproduction and went on to have two children of her own. 


Jenna Bonfield
Jenna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and has been an egg donor herself. She spent over a decade working in clinics, labs and hospitals and understands sensitive patient care and the intricacies of the business operations in the medical field. She works closely with Fertility Bridges clients and performs her job with such efficiency, grace and a sense of humor, that she is a favorite among clients and the fertility clinic’s staff.


Michelle Powell
Michelle has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling which is important training when working with our infertility clients who often are emotionally devastated and depressed by their fertility failures. She has been an egg donor herself and is well adept coordinating a donor cycle. She has over a decade working in customer service and pours her heart and soul into client satisfaction. She has received stellar reviews from many clients.


Jessica Dockins 
Jessica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Health Sciences and has been an egg donor herself. There is nothing more rewarding to her than talking to potential donors about the egg donation process and matching them with a recipient. Helping others make their dreams come true is a dream come true for Jessica. Before Fertility Bridges, she worked in hospital settings and assessed children with health issues.


Bernadette Bigueras
Bernadette suffers from PCOS infertility. She is hopeful to have her own child someday and is excited to help infertility patients like herself reach their goals of expanding their families. She manages the marketing outreach programs and database profile systems and works with clients in a variety of ways. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and in the past worked in a support role at her University.


Sandy Stein
Sandy has a Master’s Degree in Wellness Management and has a passion for helping others achieve greater health and well-being. Being a mother herself, she hopes others can also experience the joys of parenthood. She helps process the payments and paperwork associated with client cases. Prior to coming to Fertility Bridges, she was a Research Physiologist specializing in women’s health and a Wellness Director for a well known non-profit.


Administrative Support
Our behind the scenes shared administrative support in our Washington D.C. Regus office manages our incoming calls and voicemail, organizes and directs our mail and faxes, maintains a pleasant office environment when we meet with clients in person, and is overall supportive of Fertility Bridges’ thriving business enterprise. We are grateful to have such wonderful facilities to access as needed since we telecommute to help the environment by reducing traffic pollution. Our business is primarily conducted over the phone and email, so requiring everyone to commute and meet in a physical space every day is not necessary.


Michael B. Grant Attorney at Law
Michael Grant has worked hand in hand with Fertility Bridges for the last 7 years. He is the primary attorney Fertility Bridges refers clients to draft their egg donor, surrogacy or adoption agreements. He has first hand experience with surrogacy and adoption in building his own family. He graduated from Providence College earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and graduated from Suffolk University School of Law located in Boston, Massachusetts. He works with clients from around the world.


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