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Dear Potential Surrogate,


Thank you for your interest in our Fertility Bridges Surrogacy Program. We are eager to learn about you and your desire to offer the incredible gift of life to another family dreaming of having a child of their own to love and cherish. To assist in the creation of life is truly a miracle indeed and your amazing gift will be remembered forever. Please take a few minutes to watch our informative videos about our surrogacy program below.




If you are ready to start the 1st stage of the application process to become part of the Fertility Bridges Surrogacy Program and help match you with potential families longing for a child, simply send an email to:
In your email let us know why you want to become a surrogate. Include the following:

  • Full Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • City, State
  • Your Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Profession
  • Please attach a photo to your email.
  • What time of health insurance do you have?
  • List financial aid you receive from the government.
  • Prescription medicine you take since it can interfere with fertility medicine.
  • When is a good time to reach you by telephone for an interview?



    Surrogacy FAQ


    What kind of Surrogates are you looking for?


    Currently we only select Gestational Surrogates to become part of our Fertility Bridges Surrogate Program. Gestational Surrogates carry a baby that is not genetically related to them. The embryos are provided by the Intended Parents for implantation and the eggs of the Surrogate are not used to make the embryos.


    Are there specific qualities you are looking for in a Surrogate?


    We are looking for Surrogates who are healthy, strong and have a positive mental attitude. Surrogates must have at least one child and easy pregnancies that deliver on time.


    Are there age or weight requirements to become a Surrogate?


    Fertility clinics like to work with surrogates under 40. Ideally a Surrogate should be a healthy weight with a BMI under 28, which means you would likely weigh under 175 pounds.


    Do I need to have a High School Degree to become a Surrogate?


    Yes, you must have a High School Degree or its equivalent to be a Surrogate with our program.


    Can I be on public assistance, such as welfare, and become a Surrogate?


    No, you must be able to support yourself without public assistance before you are qualified to be a Surrogate. Surrogacy can not be your primarily source of income.


    Does my insurance need to cover surrogacy?


    No it doesn’t, though you are likely to be matched quicker with a family if it does. Surrogate health insurance is very expensive and often not in some Intended Parent’s budget. You should check to see if your current insurance excludes surrogate pregnancies by calling the customer service line and asking to speak with a manager who understands complicated pregnancy benefits.


    Can I be taken prescription medicine or other drugs and become a Surrogate?


    You do not qualify as a Surrogate if you are taking prescription medicine, take other drugs or smoke.


    Do I need to have a medical examination to become a Surrogate?


    Yes, fertility clinics will require that you pass medical and psychological screening before you are accepted as a Surrogate for their client. You must also sign a medical release so the fertility doctor can check your medical history to check for any history of physical or mental problems and what types of prescription medicine you may have taken.


    Must I be married to be a Surrogate?


    No, you may be single. If you are in a relationship or married, your partner will also have to pass medical screening also.


    Do I have to use needles and take injections as a Surrogate?


    Yes, you should plan to take over 100 injections of fertility medicine to be a Surrogate in addition to other fertility drugs.


    What type of fertility medicine do I have to take?


    Fertility medicine you will likely take either orally, vaginally or by injectible that will help you sync your cycle with the Intended Mother’s, aid in simulate a natural pregnancy, and prepare your uterus, are:


    Birth control pills to sync your cycle with the provider of the ovum (usually the Intended Mother).


    Medicine such as Lupron that will suppress your cycle so you can better sync it with the Intended Mother’s cycle.


    Estradiol, a hormone, to help your uterine lining thicken and get ready for implantation.


    Progesterone, a hormone, to help the embryo implant in your uterine wall.


    How long does it take to become pregnant once I am matched?


    Typically around 3 months. The first month is spent finalizing your legal contract and completing your medical and psychological screening. Your second month will be spent with the fertility doctor syncing your menstrual cycle with the Intended Mother’s or Egg Donor’s cycle. Your third month will be focused on getting your uterus ready for implantation of the embryos.


    Can I continue working at my job if I become a Surrogate?


    Most healthy Surrogate pregnancies should not restrict the Surrogate Mother from working, depending on the type of work that is performed. Jobs that require extreme physical labor may need to be restricted.


    Will I be required to carry twins or more?


    No, you may specify in your legal contract what type of pregnancy you are comfortable with.


    Will I be required to terminate a pregnancy for any reason?


    As long as your Surrogacy legal contract clearly states you will not terminate a pregnancy for any reason, then you will not be required to do so.


    Are my expenses covered for Surrogacy?


    Yes, expenses that are related to Surrogacy are pre-negotiated in your legal contract and will covered. Items such as pregnancy clothes, travel, child-care and possible house cleaning may all be covered.


    Will I need to pay for a lawyer to become a Surrogate?


    No your Surrogate Attorney will be provided for you to represent you when negotiating your Surrogacy Legal Agreement with Intended Parents. The cost will be paid for by the Intended Parents.


    How do I get paid as a Surrogate?


    Intended Parents deposit your fee and expenses into an escrow account with a bonded, licensed and insured escrow agency. These funds are divided and dispersed monthly according to your legal contract.


    Is my Surrogate Fee Taxable?


    This is a question for an accountant to know for sure. However, most legal contracts are written that the fee is for “pain and suffering”, which often is not treated as a taxable event.


    When would I begin?


    You would start as soon as you were matched with a family. We have dozens of families looking at our Surrogate profiles each month, so it is possible to be matched quickly if you have the characteristics they are looking for. Due to the slower economy, it may take a little longer to find Intended Parents than usual.


    Will I need to travel to become a Surrogate?


    Ideally Intended Parents prefer to work with a Surrogate that is near their own homes. However, if one can not be located then would likely want you to travel to their Fertility Clinic for appointments. They would pay for these costs. If you were chosen by an International Intended Parents, then it is likely they would select a fertility clinic near your home so you wouldn’t have to travel at all.


    Am I able to meet Intended Parents before matching?


    Yes, you will have plenty of opportunities for emails, telephone conversations and in person meetings before you agree to match with a set of Intended Parents.


    Does Fertility Bridges help me during the entire surrogacy process?


    Yes, one of our caring surrogacy coordinators will be available to answer all your questions and provide support for you during the entire process of your surrogacy.



    Surrogacy Fees



    Your fee for surrogacy is a very personal decision and should be considered carefully. We are happy to talk to you about your fee options before you make your final decision.


    Typically first time Surrogates will charge between $20,000-$25,000 for their base fee with $5,000 more for twins.


    Repeat Surrogates often charge between $25,000-$40,000 depending on how well their prior surrogacies went.


    Other possible additional benefits beyond the base fee may include: organic food allowance, meal preparation help, nutritional counseling, massages, acupuncture, child-care, household cleaning assistance, life-coaching, legal and medical guidance and expenses.


    Our goal is to make sure you are peaceful and happy during this journey, so you just need to let us know what you need to THRIVE and we will negotiate it for you with Intended Parents.





    After we receive your initial email with your information, we will determine if you are a good fit for our Surrogacy Program. If you are a good candidate for Surrogacy, we will contact you to fill out this application below and will help you with that process.



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