Grief Counselling

Grief Counselling

Losing a child through miscarriage, or even the inability to have a child can create intense feelings of grief that some are ill equipped to handle. We talk to our clients about the stages of grief and how their is a process for working through, it and then make referrals to appropriate licensed therapists for those who need in depth assistance.

Managing Infertility Stress

Grief will inevitably be a part of your infertility journey. Grieving each loss is an integral part of the process toward parenthood. I believe that in order to fully make next-step decisions with clarity, it is important to grieve losses in concrete and purposeful ways. I believe that all people who are experiencing infertility are grieving parents. There is no avoiding grief.

Could We Soon Have A Blood Test To Predict Postpartum Depression?

Recent research reveals that women who develop postpartum depression tend to have two kinds of gene variants. This discovery can help predict the condition and help women down a path to earlier treatment. Researchers have developed what they are calling the first-ever blood test for major depression in teens. They believe it could signal a looming change.

Therapists’ top ten tips for coping with fertility problems

The pressure to raise a family can be enormous, and the thought of not being able to have children can make many people feel something is wrong with them. We talked to respected psychologists who work with couples with fertility problems to find out which coping strategies really work. Recognize that a fertility problem is a crisis.

Guide for Fathers After Loss of Baby

This pocket sized book is for men who experience the death of their infant child — whether it be miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death. Meant to be a guide during the early hours and days after finding out the news of their baby’s death, the book offers suggestions for communicating with medical caregivers, offering support to their partner.

Coping with Pregnancy Loss

It’s normal to feel shock, grief, depression, guilt, anger, and a sense of failure and vulnerabilty when you lose a pregnancy. The days, weeks, and even months following a loss can be incredibly difficult and painful — even more so if this wasn’t your first pregnancy loss, or if you carefully planned this pregnancy and thought you’d done everything “right.”

Risk of major depressive disorders in women who have miscarried

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the pregnancies of approximately half a million women annually in the United States end in miscarriage. The impact of miscarriages is further underscored by current estimates that nearly 20 percent of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. Study found that there was a significant risk of depression.

The Love Letter

Once upon a time, a trip to the mailbox required that you step away from your computer. Sometimes nestled among the bills you would find a colorful, hand written envelope with a special stamp on it and this would be the letter you would eagerly open first. Like a gift, this personal note or card could impact upon your day in a way that email rarely could.