Financing Your Fertility

Fertility Bridges expert staff is available to help you with your financial goals pertaining to the fertility treatments you may need. Some of the options we assist with are:


  • Checking your insurance policies. We will help find out what is covered, if there are lifetime maximums and what your deductibles and co-pays will be if there is coverage. Some companies will cover diagnosis but not infertility treatment. 
  • We can help you determine if you have a flexible-spending account option. Flexible-spending accounts, offered by many companies as part of your employee benefit package, allow you to earmark a portion of your pre-tax income for designated uses.
  • Creating a budget for infertility. As soon as you suspect you might have trouble conceiving, start saving in a separate account designated for financing infertility treatments. 
  • We can help you determine if you qualify for our Philanthropy Program: If you are a lower income family AND work for a non-profit, you may qualify for Fertility Bridges charitable discount program. Please inquire about the details. 
  • It is impossible to put a price on parenthood, but understanding your options and the costs you may encounter can help you provide a more financially secure future for yourself and your child.


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