Sperm Challenges

Sperm Challenges

A diagnosis of male factor infertility, or issues with sperm, is devastating and can leave you feeling depressed, stuck, and unsure of what to do next. You may have had ideas about becoming a parent and this diagnosis has derailed those plans. Through a collaborative process, we can help you work through the issues and develop a set of goals to get you back on the track to moving forward in a positive direction.

Ugly Men Produce More Sperm?

According to a new study, attractive men produce less sperm during sex than unattractive men. Researchers believe the reason why attractive men produce less sperm during sex is biological. Attractive men’s biology may be programmed to produce less sperm during each sexual encounter in order to be able to impregnate more women. Ugly men may be opposite.

Would you use a home sperm-banking kit?

MSNBC.com reported that the prestigious clinic has launched a sperm banking kit — except that you won’t actually be doing any “banking” (no need to make room in the freezer). The kit really only handles the “collection” part of the process. According to the MSNBC report, customers get the kit, “collect the sample ‘in the comfort of their own home.”

Male Obesity Negatively Affects Sperm

When couples are trying to conceive, women’s weight, stress levels and age are often the focus. But now several studies are shining the spotlight on men and how their age and health affects their fertility. “There is a growing body of literature which speaks to the overall health of the male partner in subfertile couples and outcomes,” says Mark Leondires, a fertility doctor.

Sperm grown from cells in laboratory dish

New development: infertile men may soon be able to father children with their own sperm–grown outside their bodies. Researchers who successfully created mouse sperm in a lab dish said it held out the possibility of men no longer having to rely on donors. The team, from Germany’s Munster University, harvested germ cells that form sperm in mammals.

Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality

There has been some debate over how frequently a couple should have sex when trying to conceive. It was once thought that abstaining from sex for a few days before ovulation helped build up a man’s sperm count, improving the chances of conceiving. Daily sex was believed to reduce a man’s sperm count so some experts advised against it.

Lubricants may not harm fertility

Good news regarding lubricants and fertility. In a study that tracked couples trying to conceive, researchers found no differences in the success rates of those who used over-the-counter lubricant products and those who didn’t. Research had shown that lubricants can impede sperm’s ability to swim, and even damage their chromosomes, at least in a test tube.

Sperm Facts

The term sperm is derived from the Greek word sperma and refers to the male reproductive cells. In the types of sexual reproduction known as anisogamy and oogamy, there is a marked difference in the size of the gametes with the smaller one being termed the “male” or sperm cell. A uniflagellar sperm cell that is motile is referred to as a spermatozoon.