Financial IVF Planning

The cost of IVF and other fertility treatments can be overwhelming when you are not sure of your options. Let us help you navigate the maze of fertility payment options, whether it be creative saving strategies, IVF clinic cost sharing arrangements, or insurance. We have seen all kinds of payment methods and can help you tailor a plan that will suit your specific situation and can also provide a financial planner referral, if desired.

IVF Insurance Payment Plan

IVF cost is a huge hurdle for many couples. New Life Agency has launched an unprecedented 0% interest IVF insurance payment plan providing complication insurance, up to three IVF treatments, testing and services, offering customer care contracting with any physician of the patients choice in the U.S. View the details of each plan and access contact information.

Look to the Past for Cheaper IVF Alternatives

Given the state of the economy, lower cost alternatives to in vitro fertilization appear to be gaining favor, spurring a look back into history at the potential for superovulation and intrauterine insemination to achieve pregnancy in infertile couples. A survey found that 58% of more than 100 specialists reported that they currently performed more IUI cycles than IVF.

Why Americans Aren’t Having Babies—and How It Hurts Us

Americans aren’t having babies, and the economy’s to blame. After all, who has enough cash to save up for food, clothing, college for another human being? Due to the recent recession, the fertility rate has fallen to its lowest point in 25 years. The fertility rate is measured as the average number of children per woman, and right now the American rate is down.

How to Save Money on Fertility Drugs

The cost of fertility medications can force many couples to question whether they can continue infertility treatment. But there are ways to save, and sometimes even to get fertility drugs for free. The first time you’re handed the bill for your fertility medications, you might shake your head and wonder if that little pill or vial contains pure liquid gold.

Paying for Fertility Treatments
If you are looking at the possibility that you will need fertility treatments like IVF, the first place to start would be to research your insurance coverage. IVF and other infertility procedures are often not covered by insurance. Some states require insurance companies to cover infertility treatments. There are 15 states that currently require infertility coverage.
IVF Financial Help
In vitro fertilization treatments typically cost around $12,000 per treatment cycle. A treatment cycle includes the monitored ovarian stimulation of the patient’s ovaries to produce eggs, surgical collection of eggs, laboratory procedures for fertilization and embryo culture and an embryo transfer procedure to return the embryos to the uterus of the intended mother.

Couple’s twin joy after spending their life savings on IVF treatment

Babies Sienna and Summer will never be in any doubt how much they are loved. The tots were conceived through IVF – despite their parents being just 26 and 25 at the time. Kay McClinton and Danny Miller had to pay thousands for the treatment. With enough money for only one attempt, they still cannot believe they have the babies they desperately wanted.


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