Family Life Planning

You may be unsure of your plans for the future, especially if you have received news that there may be a roadblock in your path to parenthood. Fertility Bridges can guide you through a range of possibilities and options and set goals with you and help you navigate to your desired end result.

Is it all about age?

Your health may be more important than your age. “I see 40-year-old women who are biologically 25, and 25-year-old women who are biologically 40,” says Ferguson, adding that biological age is more relevant than chronological age. Biological age, he explains, is a combination of chronological age plus how the body functions.

Over 40 Birth Statistics

Women in their 40s — The birth rate for women aged 40-44 rose 3 percent in 2009 from 9.8 in 2008 to 10.1 live births per 1,000 women – the highest rate reported since 1967. The birth rate rose 3 percent from 2008 to 2009 whereas their population fell slightly. The number of births to women aged 50 and over reached 569 in 2009, 5 percent above that in 2008.

Is Having Kids Becoming Unaffordable For Middle Class Women?

Compared to many, Carrie Dottellis and her husband are well-off. The 36-year-old is a self-employed bookkeeper and business manager with seven clients, including a yoga studio and a law firm. Her 26-year-old husband, Ryan Palmer, bartends at a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C., where they live in an affluent neighborhood, The Palisades.

Advanced Maternal Age Not Harmful For Adult Children

Previously existing ideas on how advanced maternal age affects adult health of children have to be reconsidered. It had been thought that mothers delivering later in life have children that are less healthy as adults, because the body of the mother had already degenerated due to physiological effects like decreasing oocyte quality or a weakened placenta.

Then There Was You – an IVF Story

“Then There Was You” is an IVF story designed to be comprehensive and straight forward about the process of IVF. The book is also designed to grow with your child. A 1 year old child won’t understand everything in the book but, as the child gets older, they will ask different questions about different parts of the book and learn along the way.

Autism, schizophrenia risk for children linked to father’s age

Worry has always been a side effect of pregnancy. But one anxiety–will my baby be normal?–has recently come to include a new concern: autism. First identified in 1943, the disorder is commanding unprecedented interest, mostly because of the reported rise in its incidence, but also because its origins lie in the fascinating crux between genes and the environment.

Boy or girl? Women having infertility treatments want to choose

Two techniques currently available in the United States, sperm separation and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, make sex selection possible. The procedures are usually reserved for the prevention of sex-linked genetic disorders in children, however, and are not widely used for nonmedical purposes. Sex selection is a topic that’s almost taboo for physicians to talk about.

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