Emotional Challenges

Often with infertility comes anger, disappointment and frustration. We help clients create strategies so they can learn to have their emotions move through them as they occur instead of getting stuck and unprocessed and then stymie their ability to move forward to creating the family they dreamed of.

After the Struggle: Pregnancy after Infertility

Read this woman’s story about pregnancy after infertility. “I stood in the middle of the store shaking, choking back tears, and trying not to throw up. I can only imagine what my fellow shoppers thought of me as I reached for the box of pregnancy tests. If they had been in my head, they would have known the anxiety and terror I was feeling. I didn’t want to buy these tests.

999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

Women who have dealt with infertility are part of a special group. The idea for the website 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility actually started on the toilet. We had been trying to make a baby for two years and I had just gotten my period again. Like every month, I started my typical sobbing on the toilet seat and was feeling very sorry for myself.

Why You Should Stop Saying “Just Relax and It Will Happen”

I have a feeling I will be moving on to my 7th month trying to conceive. My test date is a few days away and I am hopeful, yet not convinced. I am surprised it is taking so long because we are doing “everything right.” I am ovulating, we are timing everything correctly and there may be a few things indicating why it’s not happening yet, but I am bummed.

Why Are We Against Later Motherhood?

The hard facts about a woman’s chance of conceiving after 40 are gloomy at best. Not everyone realizes that women are born with all of their oocytes (eggs), of which roughly only 300 will be ovulated, up until menopause. Despite the presence of eggs, fertility really begins to drop off from 35 onward, and even more significantly from 40, due to hormonal fluctuations.

Emotional Awareness, Tips to Stay Emotionally Healthy

Emotional awareness can be referred to a state of mind where you are always alert and aware of your feelings, thoughts, your deeds and your conduct. Overall you are happy with yourself, your family, your standing in society, your job and you also enjoy a great relationship with friends and colleagues. But then, life is not always the same.

Study Highlights Importance of Infertility Support

Women undergoing infertility treatment report the same level of stress, anxiety, and depression as women who have cancer, HIV, or heart disease. Chronic stress can lead to depression and lower resistance to disease. Acute stressors cause increased heart rate, sweating, and rapid breathing — the “fight or flight” response. Internal stressors are harder to control.

Please Don’t: 8 Things Not to Say About IVF

I’ve been an outspoken person my entire life, and I’m a huge advocate of speaking your mind. So I totally get the need to vocalize opinions. But even within the realm of outspokenness, there is a line between simple expression of thought and plain ol’ rudeness. Sometimes, it’s a blurry line. Other times, it’s an obvious line. Check out 8 Things Not to Say About IVF.

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