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Pronounced dead, revived by mom’s hug: ‘Miracle baby’ turning 2

Doctors told Ogg and her husband David that Jamie had died.  Nurses placed his limp body across his mother’s bare chest so she could say goodbye. But after five minutes, Jamie began to move. The baby’s doctor told the Oggs his movements were reflexive and not a sign of life. But as his mother continued cuddling him, Jamie opened his eyes.

Inside pregnancy: Fertilization video

The race starts with the act of love. Tens of millions of spermatozoa rush ahead on a hunting trip that may eventually lead to a fateful encounter and a promise of new life. Only one can win. The rest will end their lives in a matter of days. In the marathon race to life there are no consolation prizes. Only one winner will merge with the ovum.

Pregnant after infertility!

This is a fun and creative way to tell your spouse you are finally pregnant, especially after battling with an infertility diagnosis. This woman set up a hidden camera to record his reaction and her excitement. This inspires you to keep moving forward. “Telling my husband we’re pregnant after being diagnosed with PCOS and going through fertility treatments. Have hope.”

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