IVF Clinic Selection

Fertility Bridges has worked with many of the top IVF clinics across the world, and have established relationships with clinic staff and doctors. We can provide necessary referrals and assist you with the selection of a clinic when you reach that step, and can provide recommendations based on your needs. Because we have ongoing connections with these clinics, we can address many of your questions and concerns and facilitate the process from start to finish.

Traveling Abroad for Fertility Treatment

Global IVF, Inc. is a free, informational website designed to help intended parents and others in the fertility field learn about cross-border reproductive care. They offer informational articles, expert videos, and an interactive map, along with personalized journeys from people  just like you, who’ve picked up their passports to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

‘Three-parent baby’ fertility technique could be made legal

Members of the public are being asked whether families with a genetic risk of incurable conditions should be allowed to use the DNA of a third party to create healthy children. The resulting babies would inherit a small fraction of their DNA from the donor and not their mother or father, the procedure would spare all future generations from a host of debilitating conditions.

Obesity Affects Egg Quality, Study Finds

A new study sheds light on why obesity affects fertility treatment success. Researchers found that eggs from obese women undergoing IVF were of poorer quality with more than one spindle and disorganized chromosomes. The study was published in the journal Human Reproduction was conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

First Births from Time-Lapse In Vitro Fertilization Incubator

The Mayo Clinic has announced its first births from in vitro fertilization using a new time-lapse incubator. The incubator minimizes disturbances from human handling and helps fertility specialists identify the healthiest embryos before they are implanted in a uterus. Twins, a boy and a girl, were born this month at Mayo, marking the first reported births in the U.S.

Single-Embryo IVF Cuts Risk to Baby: Study

Transplanting just one embryo during assisted reproduction treatments reduces the risk of preventable infant deaths that occur just before or shortly after birth, which is termed perinatal mortality, researchers report. “The number of embryos transferred per procedure is the major determinant of multiple pregnancy and multiple delivery.”

A Better Way to Predict IVF Success?

For most women considering in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, predicting the likelihood of IVF success has relied on traditional age-based guidelines. But a new computer-based analysis of several factors, including age and shifting levels of specific reproductive hormones, may be more precise when it comes to predicting a woman’s chances for becoming pregnant.

Ten Infertility Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Be sure to take along the records of any diagnostic studies and/or fertility treatments you may have had in the past if you are visiting a new fertility specialist. If you have been keeping records of the dates of your menstrual cycles and/or basal body temperature charts, take these along too. Also, print this and take it with you to your doctor visit so you have it handy.

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