Male Infertelity

Male Infertelity

A male infertility diagnosis for a man has an enormous impact. A doctor will give you facts, figures and statistics, but are not the necessarily a good source for leaning on emotionally. We understand your unique situation and can be a supportive outlet. We are also able to provide trusted referrals to doctors or therapists who have experience with your specific issue to maximize your treatment.

Father speaks of IVF baby daughter who took 21 years to arrive

The news could hardly have been more devastating for policeman John Powell. Diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 32, he was given only six months to live and told that aggressive chemotherapy would leave him infertile. That was 21 years ago – and now he and his wife are celebrating the arrival of a daughter.

Gel to boost male fertility being developed by scientists

Male fertility has been largely overlooked until recently with most treatments requiring women to take medication or undergo expensive and invasive procedures. Up to half of the problems suffered by couples trying to conceive, however, are due to the man’s fertility.Now research into a key aspect of male fertility – how sperm cells swim.

Cycling — can it make a man infertile?

It turns out that the relationship between male infertility and bike riding may have something to do with maintaining scrotal temperature, which may, in turn, affect sperm count. Scrotal temperature may be affected by a number of circumstances, including sitting on a bicycle seat for over 30 minutes, wearing tight underwear, sitting for a long time, and using laptops

Antidepressants may cause infertility in males

Antidepressants have become some of the most commonly prescribed medications in the US, especially SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). These are prescribed not just by psychiatrists, but also by internists, neurologists, family practitioners, cardiologists and gastroenterologists for depression and anxiety.

A Dad Offers Perspective on Infertility and Adoption

Back in the early 90s, Yorktown residents Roy and his wife Elizabeth Sokol knew their chances of conceiving on their own were limited due to medical complications. Almost two decades later, the couple is raising their adopted daughter Katie and Roy has written a book ‘Infertility & Adoption: A Husband & Fathers Perspective’ about the ordeal.

Embryologist performing ICSI

Here you are watching a very sophisticated and technically difficult procedure known as ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI is done for male factor infertility, but Dr. Jay S. Nemiro and the embryology staff at ACFS have found much higher fertilization rates than standard IVF ( an average of 87%) using ICSI as a means of fertilization.

Fat In Diet Linked To Sperm Count

The amount and type of fat in men’s diets may affect the quality and concentration of sperm in their semen, according to a small US study whose results need to be corroborated by a larger trial before we can say for sure. But the researchers say in the meantime men already have much to gain by reducing the amount of saturated fat in their diet.