Egg donation

Egg donation

When considering becoming an egg donor or recipient of donor eggs, you are likely unsure where to start. Let our donor coordinators, many who have personal experience with egg donation themselves, educate you on the process, so you can make the most informed decision. Egg donation is known to be one of the most successful techniques resulting in pregnancy for infertile women. When deciding to build your family through donor eggs, we offer many options to choose from.

Fertility Clinic Success Rates

The 1992 Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act requires the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to publish fertility clinic success rates. The goal of the annual Assisted Reproductive Technology Success Rates report is to help infertility patients make informed decisions about assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Q&A With A Fertility Expert

The primary reason for a woman to seek an egg donor would be infertility caused by a very low egg reserve, which also implies a decreased egg quality. This would be reflected in an elevated FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) or a low AMH. Eggs from a donor may also be appropriate in the cases where in vitro fertilization has failed multiple times.

Thoughts from a Mom Via Donor Egg

At age 50, I am entering the era of bifocal lenses, AARP memberships and stretch pants. But, thanks to donor conception, I am also experiencing my dream of raising another child. My two-year old son, Andrew is helping me to straddle the worlds of motherhood and menopause. I have learned that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

Older celebrity moms: Encouraging or annoying?

More celebrities in their forties and even older are giving birth, and it’s a fair guess that many are using donor eggs to do so. Do they owe the public an explanation when they used egg donation — or is it their own business, even if they’re misleading people into thinking it’s easy to get pregnant in your forties and fifties?

Is Egg Donation the Right Choice for You?

Perhaps the most difficult and emotional decision a person or couple can make when trying to have a child is choosing whether or not egg donation is the correct route for them. For some people, the decision may be relatively straightforward. Perhaps the adoption process has been met with failure, or the woman has premature ovarian failure.

Tips for Choosing an Egg Donor

There are two options: Using a donor you know, such as a sister or close friend, or an anonymous donor. The advantage of a relative or friend is that you’re likely to know the person’s genetic history. However, it does raise complicated issues, such as the donor’s future relationship with the child. Figure out which arrangement makes you most comfortable.

Egg Donation Overview – Recipient Perspective

While any woman can choose to use an egg donor, most women who do so are unable to produce their own healthy eggs due to early menopause, poor egg quality, chromosomal or genetic disorders and age — most women who use donor eggs are over the age of 39 [source: CDC]. Women who have had poor luck with fertility drugs, are also candidates.