It can be overwhelming to sift through all the information that is out there about adoption. Fertility Bridges works with many trusted professionals and can be the catalyst as the connection to these resources, so you can make this very personal choice along with a trusted source. We look out for our clients best interest and keep your end goals in mind, that is why we only give the highest quality referrals.

7 Great Reasons You Should Consider Adoption

From loneliness to giving your current child a playmate, there are some really not well thought out reasons that people might add a child to their family. So let’s talk about reasons you should consider adoption. Not because you feel obligated, or people are telling you it’s the right thing to do, but simply because it’s an option you’d like to consider for your family.

Negotiating Time Off for Fertility Treatments and Adoption

Sometimes women need to take time off before a baby arrives. If you’re having fertility treatments or trying to adopt, here’s what you should know to get the time off you need. Whether—and when—to tell your boss that you’re undergoing fertility treatments or arranging an adoption depends a lot on your relationship with your supervisor.

How to Boost Your Fertility and Adoption Benefits

Everyone wishes they worked for a company with benefits as generous as the ones in this special section. But many of these companies weren’t always so munificent, and instituted their generous benefits only after a request or an all-out lobbying effort from employees. If your current benefits leave something to be desired, build a case for offering them.

Adoption Financing

Children are priceless, of course, but adoptions aren’t. The following choices and resources can help ease the financial burden so you can achieve the family you want. In pursuing the path to parenthood, many couples who are having fertility difficulties eventually realize that “it’s more important to become parents than to become pregnant.”

Just How Much Does Adoption Really Cost?

“A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook what questions you all had about adoption. We’ve been looking at our side of it for so long I often forget that most people know very little about the unique process. The number one answer back to me was, “How much does it really cost to adopt?” So I’m going to tell you — from popular international programs to domestic.”

Top 10 Adoption Myths

Adoption has become an increasingly appealing and acceptable way to build a family, but myths about the process persist. Here, we explore 10 of the most common adoption misconceptions and try to untangle fact from fiction. Adopting a child involves a great deal of time and effort on the part of the adopting family, adoption professionals and government offices.

Adoptive mamas need to stay healthy too

Having a baby is exhilarating, nutty at times, and always at least a little exhausting. No matter if you give birth or adopt. If you’re soon to be a mama or have recently become a mama by means of adoption, make sure you’re following the same basic rules that all mamas need to follow to stay healthy.Learn the general rules you need to follow to stay on track.