Fees for Surrogacy

Fertility Bridges Gestational Surrogacy Program Agency Fees: $21,000




Consulting Services Fee: $9,000 Non-Refundable


Recipients are hiring Fertility Bridges as consultants to explain the surrogacy process, provide general information about selecting a Surrogate, design, develop and pay for ads to attract Surrogate applicants near Recipients, search for potential Surrogates at other agencies upon request and potentially coordinate one surrogacy cycle (medical procedures to achieve a pregnancy) with Recipient’s fertility clinic. This fee is not tied to the eventual hiring of any Surrogate, a number of hours of work performed, or any outcome and is non-refundable.


Fertility Bridges Surrogate Database Match Fee: $12,000 Refundable


If Recipients select a Surrogate from the Fertility Bridges Surrogate Database that is approved by Recipients doctor, then an additional fee of $12,000 is due. This fee is refundable if the Surrogate is not able to begin an IVF cycle within 6 months of the agreed upon availability and cancels the cycle at any time. It is not refundable if the Recipients change their mind or can not proceed so it is should not be paid unless the Recipients are 100% sure they are willing and capable of proceeding. It is not refundable after any embryos have been transferred.


This fee also includes up to 4 hours per month of pregnancy support and escrow management services.


If Recipients achieved a birth and would like to perform an additional surrogacy cycle with the same Surrogate, an additional $12,000 fee is due to Fertility Bridges for each surrogacy cycle and potential resulting pregnancy.


Additional Fees Charged by Third Parties (approximate):


These are fees and services you will procure on your own. Plan on having at least $150,000 set aside to cover expenses associated with your gestational surrogacy journey. Due to the fact there are so many third parties involved with unknown circumstances and outcomes, unexpected expenses could arise, so it is best to be financially prepared. Due to the heavy emotional toll of surrogacy, if you can not comfortably afford surrogacy and its unpredictable expense, it is best to look at other family building options and avoid the emotional and financial strain.


$25,000-$40,000+Surrogate Fee


Fee payments should be paid through a licensed, bonded and insured escrow company to ensure funds are safe and secure throughout the surrogacy.


$2,500-$10,000: Additional Surrogate Expenses


These payments are also paid through an escrow company and should be defined in your legal agreement with your surrogate.


$5,000-$10,000+: Legal Fees


Legal Fees for your third party reproductive legal agreement between you and your surrogate. You must hire an attorney that specializes in reproductive law for your particular surrogacy case. Different states have different laws and only an experienced attorney can carefully interpret those laws and draft an appropriate legal agreement between you and your surrogate. These fees can vary depending on the complexity of your legal agreement with your surrogate.


$4,000-$6,000Travel Expenses


For surrogates who are not local to your IVF clinic they will need air transportation, hotel and food expense. These will be coordinated by Fertility Bridges as part of our services.


$10,000-$30,000+: Surrogate Medical Insurance


If your surrogate doesn’t have personal insurance that will cover surrogacy then you will have to obtain insurance from a reputable third party insurance company. The prices for insurance vary dramatically and are quite expensive. Even if your surrogate has insurance, her deductibles could be in excess of $10,000 and there could be issues in her policy which your attorney may advise against. Any insurance policy you may buy should be carefully read by your attorney and the risks explained to you. Every detail of the policy that is relevant to your surrogacy including costs, should be defined in your legal agreement with your surrogate.


$5,000-$7,000Surrogate Medication Costs


Every clinic has a different medical protocol for egg stimulation and IVF and every surrogate responds differently to medications, so it is difficult to judge exactly how much medication costs will be. Speak to your clinic about a better estimate.


Up to $2,000Life Coaching or Therapist Assistance


May be needed if communication issues arise between Recipients and Surrogate.


$20,000-$35,000+IVF Clinic Fees


Vary depending on the services you need.


General Information

Your doctor should help you choose your ideal surrogate based on her health profile. The experienced surrogate attorney you hire should help you ultimately decide which surrogate to hire based on the type of insurance she can obtain and the legal risks associated with her specific health policy. It is your attorney who will have to legally communicate with the insurance company if there are any coverage issues for they will reference the legal language in her policy for any claims. We can not advise on whether a surrogate’s policy covers surrogacy and recommend that all our client purchase their own Surrogate Insurance Policy.


Fertility Bridges does not medically or psychologically screen Surrogates prior to their admission into the Fertility Bridges database outside of the Surrogate’s self-reported profile questions and posted photos, so Fertility Bridges has no idea if a Surrogate has answered truthfully, will follow directions, or will complete her surrogate cycle. Recipients must proceed at their own risk with any Surrogate not truly knowing if she is responsible, healthy or capable of carrying their potential child.




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