Fertility Bridges provides services to fertility patients from over thirty countries and 100+ IVF clinics who rely on us for our unique solutions. We have 250,000 Facebook fans alone, not including our fans on other top social media sites. Our clients appreciate our strong focus on patient fertility education that comes from fertility experts, many of whom are world-renowned doctors.


Clients turn to us for fertility coaching, IVF clinic referrals and embryo and adoption information. Fertility Bridges has thousands of Intended Parents who view our Egg Donor and Surrogate Databases. In our Database we have over 500 College Educated Donors residing in 42 of the U.S. States, and Gestational Surrogates from across the U.S.




Testimonials from some of our clients that can be verified by speaking with the IVF clinic the clients works with. Since most egg donations are anonymous, we are unable to list clients names, but can list the fertility clinic they worked with.


I worked with many agencies who had little to no follow-up. The staff was very responsive to all my questions. This is a stressful and unique situation to be in and the support and guidance from Fertility Bridges was the best. I appreciate what they do and how they do it. I will be sharing my experience with CCRM as well as Fertility Bridges has been outstanding to work with. — Clients of Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM


I  have dealt with several agencies with respect to surrogacy and found your agency the most responsive and helpful. The staff has been terrific to work with – responding immediately to questions/concerns and very helpful. Fertility Bridges is an outstanding agency. We used them in finding an egg donor and found that they were extremely helpful and responsive to us. They helped us find our donor and we are hoping for the best! — Clients at CCRM


I have had such a wonderful experience working with Fertility Bridges over the past three years. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of a program that makes such a difference in so many peoples lives. The staff have continually proven their attentive, kind, and considerate nature throughout my journeys of donating and I could not ask for better donor coordinators. Thank you again for the positive and heartening experiences that I will never forget. — Clients of Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM


When I look back at our donor experience with Fertility Bridges, what strikes me is how problem free it was. And given that this was the most momentous decision of our lives, one that we came to after years of problems and heartbreaking disappointments, what a blessed relief it was to have the process coordinated so smoothly by our contacts at FB. Our beautiful daughter is now seven months old, and we’ve never been happier. We will always be grateful to Fertility Bridges for what they helped make possible. —Clients at Advanced Fertility Center of Illinois


I highly recommend Fertility Bridges to anyone who needs to go this route. The process is emotional, stressful and psychologically draining but their donor database was excellent, the donors/profiles/process made a difficult decision a little easier. I used Fertility Bridges on two occasions and was very happy with my choice. — Client at Zouves


I have had four successful donations working with Fertility Bridges. Working with the Fertility Bridges staff has been a dream, as they are all so compassionate and caring. The customer service that Fertility Bridges provides makes you feel warm and welcome and I have no doubt in my mind that the intended parents are receiving the same wonderful treatment. I have been so fortunate to find that the intended parents I have worked with were successful in this journey and it is such an amazingly rewarding feeling. Working with Fertility Bridges has been one of the best decisions I have made. —Donor Client at IVF Florida


When I decided to donate my eggs, never did I dream what a wonderful opportunity this would be! Fertility Bridges made everything as easy as possible for me and always kept me posted on everything that was coming up so that I was prepared. The Fertility Bridges staff were a joy to work with…if I ever had any questions, they responded to emails within minutes and always were there to answer my calls. I was paired with a family that was absolutely perfect for me and I am so excited that I was able to give them something so special and so unique. All of the doctors and staff that I worked with in Dallas and Pasadena went above and beyond my expectancy. I never had too wait long in waiting rooms and I was never embarrassed to ask a million questions because I knew that they were there for me. I would absolutely donate again! — Client at HRC Fertility Pasadena


I am currently doing my 4th cycle with Fertility Bridges. Their staff works very hard and are wonderful, always prompt to respond and informative. You are in good hands with these ladies! I hope to complete 6 cycles with them. Each of the clinics I’ve worked with has been exceptional, though I must highly recommend Dr. Zouves in San Fransisco. That was the best I have ever been taken care of. — Client at Zouves


I really appreciate everything you have done for us. After being with the previous donor agency and moving to Fertility Bridges it was amazing the difference. I could tell you all cared and always kept me well informed. It was nice having someone check up on me instead of me having to call when I had questions. Thanks again for everything! — Client at Tulsa Fertility Center


Thanks again! It really has been a pleasure working with you over these past several months. I appreciate all the help you have provided. — Client at Shady Grove


We would like to thank you guys for your assistance and patience during this process. We still have about 4 months to go but we are very optimistic and hopeful that we will soon have a baby boy. Once again, thank you for everything!! — Client at Shady Grove